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Pet grooming

Eco-Friendly Pet Grooming Towels by the OZ E Towel Company

As any passionate pet owner knows, our furry and four-legged friends deserve only the best when it comes to diet, exercise, and just like their owners, enjoy the occasional beauty spa treatment. That said, our pets are much more delicate than we are. This being the case, pet grooming salons and spas often focus on using only the safest and most environmentally friendly grooming products. The only question is, could eco-friendly & disposable towels also become part of your daily product line?

Safer & easier pet pampering

At the OZ E Towel Company, we’re passionate about providing eco-friendly, disposable towel solutions to not just pet grooming centers, but leading spas and beauty salons also. In this regard, we provide both humans and their modern day familiars with luxuriously soft, high-quality towels suitable for any and all personal care requirements.

Being completely hypoallergenic, our range of eco-friendly pet grooming towels are perfect for use for both people and animals with even the most sensitive skin types. Even better, since we don’t use any harsh chemicals or dyes in our towels, you can be assured of their complete safety when using them in any kind of pet grooming capacity.

Benefits to your business

Aside from the fact that many pet owners will themselves be impressed by your commitment to the environment and their pets overall well-being, OZ E Towel Company towels provide a range of direct business benefits. On average, for instance, salons and pet grooming centers stand to save anywhere up to 44% on their annual energy costs by adopting our towels. This is because our towels completely eliminate your daily washing and business laundry requirements.

As an added bonus, by not being burdened by on-site laundry requirements, your pet grooming staff themselves will have more time to commit to the provision of better customer service.

Eco-friendly towels vs regular cotton towels

Of course, disposable towels traditionally have a poor reputation when it comes to moisture absorbency and in general comfort. However, our own range of luxury towels are actually twice as moisture absorbent as regular cotton towels. In like regard, most human users of our products are rarely ever able to tell the difference between our own towels and non-biodegradable alternatives.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of using 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly pet grooming towels? If so, make sure to familiarize yourself with our product line today. In like regard, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly should you be in need of any further information.