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OZ E Towel Company Towels & Healthcare Providers

As any healthcare provider will be aware, towels traditionally pose a variety of risks when it comes to maintaining a sterile care environment. Towels don’t just accumulate and retain dirt easily. Rather, used towels can quickly become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Thankfully, at the OZ E Towel Company, we help healthcare centers and professionals simplify the handling of such items and in doing so, can help significantly improve the overall sterility of any kind of medical setting.

 Disposable towel benefits

Because our towels are used once prior to being discarded, there is no opportunity for contaminants such as bacteria and germs to be transmitted between your patients. Likewise, overall handling is reduced to such an extent that neither your healthcare staff nor patients will need to handle our towels excessively after use. Instead, they can simply be disposed of immediately. This being the case, OZ E Towel Company towels represent tremendously enhanced safety when compared to other non-disposable towel varieties.

 Superior patient comfort

Of course, in any healthcare setting, patient comfort is just as important as patient safety. However, our eco-friendly towels aren’t like any disposable towel which you or your patients might have experienced previously. Rather than harsh and occasionally even abrasive, our towels are luxuriously soft. In fact, our towels are twice as moisture absorbent as standard cotton varieties, and many patients will not be able to tell that they are disposable towels at all.

Significant cost savings

Due to new, sterile and hypoallergenic towels being issued to every patient every time, using our eco-friendly towels completely removes the need for your healthcare practice to launder such items. This being the case, many healthcare centers will realize savings of up to 44% with regard to their annual electricity and water consumption. Likewise, because healthcare staff will need to spend less time laundering items, they will be freer to provide higher quality care services to your patients.

Better for you & the environment

Taking just 2-4 months to completely biodegrade, our disposable eco-towels are the right choice for not just your healthcare center but the environment also. This being the case, if you would like to provide a better standard of hygiene and basic care to your patients, make sure to reach out to the OZ E Towel Company today to find out more.