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Boating and Leisure

Eco-Friendly Boating & Leisure Towels

A shared problem in boating and leisure circles regards the fact that while towels are essential for any and all personal care requirements, limited access to laundry facilities can cause significant problems. Whether, in a boating, camping or any other kind of outdoor setting, there is nothing worse than having to store or dry used and often smelly towels. Thankfully, at the OZ E Towel Company, our range of disposable and 100% eco-friendly towels changes all this.

Ideal for any kind of Boating or Leisure Activity

Being disposable, our boating and leisure towels can be easily discarded after use. This means that when out and about, you don’t need to worry about drying towels on the go.

However, our eco-friendly towels aren’t just perfect for individual and family use. Rather, in mind of boating and leisure facilities in particular, our towels are the ideal choice for cruising, camp and leisure boat operators. This is because our single use towels are easily stored, impeccably clean and guaranteed to impress users in any kind of tour, cruise, or spa setting.

High-Quality & Luxurious Comfort

Unlike other disposable towel varieties, our towels are designed first and foremost around providing users with unparalleled comfort. This being the case, OZ E Towel Company towels are both softer than traditional cotton towels and twice as moisture absorbent. In fact, the majority of users of our towels rarely believe that the product they are using is disposable.

However, in boating and leisure settings especially, it is also important to note that our eco-friendly towels are also much more hygienic than their traditional equivalents. This is because with each towel being discarded after use, there is no possibility for germs or bacteria to be transmitted to users on contact. Even better, all of our towels are completely hypoallergenic.

Significant Boating & Leisure cost Savings

If you are a day cruise provider or leisure center operator, by eliminating your daily laundry requirements, you could stand to save up to 44% in annual power and water consumption costs. At the same time, your staff will be freer to focus less on day to day laundering of items, and more on providing exceptional customer service to your clients.

Are you a boating or yachting enthusiast? Alternatively are you the operator of a large leisure facility? If so, make sure to familiarise yourself with our eco-friendly towel range today. In like regard, don’t hesitate to reach out to us should you be in need of any further information regarding our products.