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Eco-Friendly Salon Towels
Any salon visit is about being pampered to the highest possible standard. Of course, you as a salon owner or operator already know this. The only question is, what is it about you and your facilities which really distinguishes you from your competitors?

Eco-friendly salon towels brought to you by the OZ E towel company

At the OZ E Towel Company, we’re passionate about providing salons, hotels, and spas with a new way of distinguishing themselves from their competitors. Our eco-friendly salon towels, for example, aren’t just about helping your business be kinder to the environment. Rather, our salon towels are luxuriously soft, hypoallergenic, and far superior when it comes to hygiene than any other salon towel.

Superior comfort & cleanliness

Unlike reusable towels which can retain germs and hard to remove stains after washing, our eco-friendly salon towels provide your customers with impeccable freshness and cleanliness. Say goodbye to towels which lose their volume and vibrancy after repeated use, and say hello instead to a kinder, softer, more hygienic alternative.

Because our towels are made with salons in mind, your clients and customers won’t even realize that they are using a disposable drying device. If anything, they (and you) will be impressed by the gentler feel of our towels against their skin. Even better, our disposable eco-friendly towels are twice as absorbent as regular reusable towels.

Time & resource saving

Salons who use our towels often publicize the fact that they do so, in order to raise awareness of their new green business credentials. However, our towels being biodegradable are only part of the OZ E Towel Company story. An immediate benefit to the salons we work with is that our towels also help reduce overall waste and day to day salon running costs.

Being disposable, our towels remove any and all daily laundering requirements. This, in turn, leads to up to 44% in annual energy and water savings. As well as this your staff will be freer to focus on delivering high-quality customer service, rather than having to spend hours laundering and folding items throughout the day.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of super-absorbent, super-soft, and 100% biodegradable salon towels? If so, make sure to familiarize yourself with our different salon towel varieties. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly should you be in need of any further information regarding any of our products.